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Dongguan Division Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd. is a sales agent, semi-finished processing of the world's major brands imported industrial transmission belt integrated Enterprise, product specifications complete, widely used in various industries machinery and equipment and related OEM products, such as: Electronics, electric wire, electrical appliances, textiles, printing, paper, chemical, wood and other light, Heavy industry field.
The company has a professional team of technical personnel, at any time await for you to solve problems, high-quality management team will provide you with quality after-sales service, so that you speaks worry-free. Processing plant equipped with a variety of advanced industrial belt processing equipment, and with a large number of inventory, at any time according to the size of customers to provide slitting processing (on-site joints, commissioning installation). We will be fast, efficient, high-quality, perfect service to meet every customer.
Since its inception, adhering to the "Cherish every opportunity to serve, a good" for the purpose of development, in the market to "the same model than quality, with quality than price" for business ideas, wholeheartedly with the new and old customers work together.
The company to accept OEM orders and approval volume orders, the price can be negotiable, await your call us!


Address:No. 6th Chong Hing Road, Dongguan Changan Town, the Second industrial zone  TelePhone:0769-85382053  MobilePhone:13509805525