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Modular Mesh Belt
Modular Mesh BeltThe modular mesh belt is a module body made of thermoplastic plastic, together with the integrated forming of the patent lock to build a combination of brick, providing superior performance and life, for the most rugged conveyor belt design. The transmission mode is designed with high stability of the plastic steel gears. Unique dual-row gears for two-way operation Effectively reduces the generation of manic tones, and not easily because of external impact of the sound of offset or jumping teeth, such as instability, to enhance the overall performance of the modular network belt. Simple installation and maintenance The main feature of the modular mesh belt is the patented fast latch installation design, which can be easily...

Modular Mesh BeltThe modular body, which is made of thermoplastic plastic, is combined with the integrated form of the patented lock, which provides superior performance and life, and is designed for the most rugged conveyor belts.

Transmission mode
With high stability of plastic steel gears for the power transmission design. The unique double row gear is suitable for bidirectional operation, effectively reduces the generation of the manic sound, and it is not easy to produce the unstable phenomenon such as the offset or the jumping tooth caused by the external impact sound, and the overall efficiency of the modular mesh belt is increased.

Simple Installation and Maintenance
Modular network belt is the biggest feature of the patented fast latch installation design, only to simple step, that can be completed in a short period of time, more convenient to repair the maintenance of the staff of their own maintenance, do not need to wait for a long time downtime, but also to enhance customer productivity.


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