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Wide-Angle Belt factory Brief introduction of correct installation and use of imported V
Edit:Dongguan Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-09-30

Import VBefore proper installation,Wide Angle Belt processing factoryReminder if the center distance of the two axes is adjustable structure, the center distance should be shortened first, and then the center distance should be adjusted after the tape is installed. If the center distance of the two axes is not adjustable, you can put a triangle belt into the wheel groove first, then rotate another pulley, install the triangular tape, and put a set of triangular tapes in the same way. The installation of the prohibition of the use of tools hard to pry, hard to drag the triangle belt, to prevent the triangular tape elongation or too loose too tight phenomenon. Prevent string Groove Installation belt pulley, the center of the two belt pulley must be aligned, otherwise it will cause triangular tape unilateral work, wear seriously, reduce the service life of triangular tape.

Elastic suitable for import triangle belt tightness must be constantly checked and adjusted to meet the requirements. The triangular belt is not only easy to slip, but also increase the wear of the Triangle belt, not even transmission power, too tight, not only will make the import triangle belt elongation deformation is easy to damage, but also will cause the main engine bearing clutch bearing because the force is too large, and accelerate the Triangle belt wear. The correct inspection method is: With the hand in the middle of each tape, exert about 2 kilograms of the vertical pressure, the sinking amount of (20--30) mm appropriate, timely adjustments should be made.

New and old Mo mixed doubles root or more than threeVWhen a replacement is required, to select the specified type of triangular tape, and requirements for each group of triangular tape tightness consistent, no new or old mix or reduce the use of the root, otherwise, the new and old triangular belt force uneven, or even the old triangle belt does not work, affect power transmission and shorten the life of the Triangle belt.


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