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The use of industrial transmission belts and the precautions for bidding
Edit:Dongguan Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-11-07

In industrial production, only the correct use of industrial belts, can play the biggest function of industrial belts. Today, Secretary MauteIndustrial belt ManufacturersFor everyone in useIndustrial Drive Belts, the following points are put forward:

1, the use of industrial belts, to avoid the material covering the rollers, this will make the rotation is not flexible. In addition, should also be careful not to let the leakage card appears in the drum and tape between the. Pay attention to the lubrication between industrial belts, but also observe whether they are contaminated by oil pollution.

2, do not let the industrial belt overload, this will cause a lot of industrial belt damage, impact on the industrial belt service life, if the industrial belt in use when deviated from the cast rail, then to take appropriate measures to correct, so as not to affect the use after.

3, industrial belt damage, to timely repair, otherwise it will cause a lot of damage to the transmission, in the industrial belt in the use of the process to avoid it was rack, block material damage, so as to avoid the failure of industrial belts.

Industrial Belt Bidding requirements:

1. The representative of the industrial belt bidder must be the legal representative or his principal agent, and the entrusted agent shall hold the original power of attorney signed by his legal representative.

2. The bidder must be an independent legal entity registered and lawfully operated within the PRC. Having a good business reputation and a sound financial accounting system, having the necessary equipment and professional skills to perform the contract, and having a good record of paying tax and social security funds according to law; in the last three years, There is no violation of the relevant national laws, regulations and regulations, and the misdeeds and other bad records of the business ethics in the business activities.

3, the project does not accept the consortium bid, the successful bidder shall not subcontract or subcontract.

4, bidders must have 3 years and above relevant experience, the provision of goods (services) can meet or better than the technical requirements of the standard.

5, the provision of equipment (spare parts) is a new, technologically advanced, superior quality, no design and materials and process defects.

6, industrial belt bidders must hold the corresponding equipment in the maintenance project, "Manufacturing measurement equipment license."


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