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Import transmission Belt Wholesale: Rubber transmission Belt safety limit device
Edit:Dongguan Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-09-30

Imported Transmission Belt BatchHair: Safety limit device for rubber transmission beltRubber Drive BeltHeight limit device: Hook up to the specified height, touch limit heavy hammer, open stroke switch, "over around" indicator light is bright, at the same time cut off the hook lifting, hanging arm out, hanging arm volts to the operation of the operation and ensure safety. At this point, as long as the control of the hook drop, the boom retracted or lifting arm back (that is, to the security side of the operation), such as the handle, rubber conveyor belt so that the limit heavy hammer lifting constraints, the operation is returned to normal. In special occasions, if you still need to do a trace of the bypass control, you can press the release button on the Instrument box, the role of the limit will be lifted, but at this time the operation must be very careful to prevent accidents.

Support Leg locking device: When an accident occurs, leading to the leg vertical cylinder of high-pressure hose or tubing rupture or cutting, hydraulic system in the two-way hydraulic lock can be closed leg closed cylinder two chambers of pressure oil, so that the legs do not shrink or throw out, so as to ensure the safety of lifting operations.

Engine Drive BeltWeight indicator: The weight indicator is set at the side of the basic arm (the right-hand side of the control chamber), and the rubber conveyor operator sits in the control room and can clearly observe the elevation of the jib and the rated weight of the crane under the corresponding working conditions.

Lifting characteristics Table: Set in the control of the front side of the wall panel, the table lists the various arm length and various operating ranges under the rated weight and lifting height, in order to manipulate the inspection. Lifting operations must not exceed the values specified in the table.


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