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Iron Fluorine Romboux Belt Manufacturers brief introduction PVC conveyor belt repair and application scope
Edit:Dongguan Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-09-30

Iron Fluorine Romboux BeltManufacturers describe PVC conveyor belt repair and application range, PVC conveyor belt repair quality: 1. That is to use, shorten the production time to improve efficiency. After the repair strength can meet the requirements of the use, no need to wait for curing time. 2. Repair technology reliable, long service life, under normal conditions can be equivalent to the original belt life. Filler rubber is the production of natural rubber high wear-resistant rubber, its wear coefficient is high, wear resistance and conveyor belt face cover rubber equivalent. 3. Adopt the principle of cold vulcanization, filling gum in the role of a+b compound, can dissolve with the original belt, so as to eliminate the phenomenon of delamination off, completely avoid the situation of repair. 4. Easy operation, simple process, low labor intensity. Curing effect can be achieved without the need of large vulcanization equipment. 5. Environmental protection is conducive to the health of the operator. All the repair materials in Germany do not contain benzene, formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful ingredients to the human body. 6. Economical repair way, the expense is low.

The application range of PVC conveyor belt: 1. For damage of rubber on conveyor belt surface, longitudinal tearing of rubber injury repair 2. Repair of rubber seals (e.g., hatch seals on ships) 3. The joint of the surface liner is filled with 4. For the drum package, V-type interface filler 5. For rubber parts to beautify repairs. 6. Conveyor Belt Repair process 7. Partial breakage 8. Conveyor belt cold joint, steel wire Connector 9. Rubber in steel and rubber, rubber and conveyor belt bonding and so do innovative research enterprises.


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