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Teflon Mesh belt installation is a difficult problem, how the correct installation of Teflon mesh belt it?
Edit:Dongguan Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-09-30

Teflon Mesh BeltHow to install the appropriate, mesh belt can not be too tight and not too loose, but to the appropriate loose, so easy to transfer and transport network belt. Teflon Mesh belt damage is the main problem is in the installation of too tight, so not suspicious to a large extent, reduce the network belt and machine Equipment service life, at the same time will also affect the quality of products to a certain extent, so I write this article is to remind the vast number of Teflon mesh conveyor belt to use customers in the installation of mesh belt should be careful not to be too tight.
Teflon conveyor belt in the daily use, resulting in a tight network with the following categories:
Do not know its harm, do not do daily maintenance, in order to figure lazy, direct network belt tightening, convenient.
Do not know how to repair knowledge, do not know how to adjust is correct, the result of the mistake of stainless steel mesh belt tightening.
Teflon mesh belt installed too tight will appear some problems, as follows:
Installation of ▁ daily maintenance and maintenance will be more difficult.
The installation of too tight ▁ will result in mesh belt deformation, which may affect the quality of the product.
Installation of too tight ▁ will lead to Teflon mesh belt and machine equipment between the pressure increase, will lead to increased wear.


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