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Import synchronous pulley Direct Sales reminder Be sure to choose your suitable flat belt
Edit:Dongguan Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-09-30

Choose the rightPlane BeltVariety specification can prolong the service life of conveyor belt, ensure the continuous stability of production, reduce production cost and maintenance cost.Import synchronous PulleyDirect selection of the plane belt must consider the following aspects of the problem:

1. The variety of materials transported, the size of the changes

2, the maximum amount of transport has no change

3, equipment work ability, working conditions have no change, the work environment has no change

Because the service life of conveyor belt is closely related to the covering gum, covering a large area of wear, aging, damage, the use of conveyor belt will also end, therefore, the selection of the appropriate type, thickness of the cover plastic can make the cover glue and core with a considerable service life, give full play to the use value of conveyor belt.

Conveyor belt packaging in the handling, storage process to protect the conveyor belt, loading and unloading should be careful, do not rough handling, to prevent damage to the conveyor belt.

The best way to carry the tape is to use a crane, lift with a sufficient strength of the shaft rod through the belt coil Center, and then with the beam of the cable hanger with a smooth lifting to avoid the cable tightening damage to the belt edge.

Conveyor belt unloading should be free smooth and slow down to the ground, do not side tilt landing, when handling do not randomly open conveyor belt packaging.

Try not to roll with roll, if you have to roll, please clean the ground before rolling, to prevent the conveyor belt by the hard things punctured or bruised. Roll direction should be consistent with the tape, do not reverse roll, to prevent the tape loose. can also use forklift lift movements, move without damage to the belt body.

Transport Belt Storage Considerations:

1,Speed BeltKeep in a dry, dark place, the ideal storage temperature is 10 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius, should avoid less than 5 degrees Celsius and more than 35 degrees Celsius storage sites.

2, open storage, the need for rain-proof Gabe or similar cover cover, and the ground up to prevent the impact of conveyor belts.

3, the conveyor belt should not be directly exposed to sunlight, storage needs to prevent ultraviolet rays, X-ray radiation, do not engage in the storage site welding operations and all kinds of radioactive activities.

4. Where oil, petrol, paints, acids and chemicals cannot be stored or used

5, can not contact or near the ozone and a variety of strong oxidation of the object.

6. It is best to keep the pad on the cushion and plug it securely to prevent accidental rolling. cannot be erected to prevent skew.

7, such as long-term storage, should be periodically reversed to prevent internal pressure on the same place continuously.


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