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Conveyor belt wholesale manufacturers to teach you how to correct the replacement of mechanical belts
Edit:Dongguan Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-09-30

Mechanical BeltIt has been used for a long time and needs to be replaced, but the correct replacement step you know? Right nowActivating beltWholesale manufacturers teach you how to replace them correctly.

1, turn off the power supply, remove the protective cover, spin loose motor assembly bolts. The mobile motor makes the belt loose enough to remove the belt without prying, and take care not to pry the belt down.

2, remove the old belt, check if there is abnormal wear. Excessive wear may mean that there is a problem with the design or maintenance of the transmission device.

3, clean belt and pulley, should be stained with a little volatile liquid cloth wipe, import industrial belt in the detergent to soak or use detergent scrub belt is not advisable, in order to remove oil and dirt, with sandpaper or with sharp object scraping, obviously is not advisable. The belt must be kept dry before it is installed.

4, check whether the belt pulley has abnormal wear or crack, if excessive wear, you must replace the pulley.

5, check whether the pulley is linear symmetry. The belt pulley is symmetrical to the transmission belt, especially the synchronous belt drive is very important.

6, check the remaining transmission components, such as bearings and bushings symmetry, durability and lubrication conditions.

7, choose the right belt replacement.

8, in the belt pulley to install a new belt, can not pry or too hard.

9, tighten the center distance of the transmission device until the tension measuring instrument to measure the belt tension appropriate. Use your hand to turn a few rounds of the active wheel, to regain tension.

10, tighten the motor assembly bolts, correct torque. It is important to ensure that all transmission components are tightened because any changes in the center distance during operation of the drive will result in poor belt performance.

After completing the above 10 steps, you must start the device and observe the belt performance, see if there is abnormal vibration, listen to the abnormal noise. It is best to turn off the machine and check the condition of the bearing and the motor; if it feels too hot, it may be too tight or the bearings are asymmetrical, or the lubrication is incorrect.


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