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V Choice:

1. Various models of v cross-section size, transmission torque size are different.

2. The Import triangle belt installs installs the V not to be allowed to use the iron tool to forcibly pry into.

3. Attention to the regular adjustment and maintenance V is relying on its two side and wheel groove side contact friction to transfer the load and movement, v preload not only affect its transmission efficiency, but also affect the life of the import Triangle Belt and action on the shaft and bearing on the force.

The reason for the loss of import Triangle belt is the transmission skid.

When the V band tension is not in line with the requirements, the relaxation v belt in the pulley slot, the friction will cause the belt fever, accelerate its two side to become smooth, and the smooth surface of the friction coefficient, resulting in more easy to slip, forming a vicious circle.

In addition, there is oil in the pulley groove can cause the transmission skid. Rubber layer crack. The cause of the crack, first of all, is natural failure.

V Belt on the small belt wheel after a period of operation will produce cracks, the reason is that the bottom of the rubber is constantly squeezed to produce a large stress, to reach the rupture point. Early, relatively small irregular cracks usually indicate that the band has hardened, probably due to high temperature.

Special Belt core Import triangle belt

Special Belt core inlet triangle Belt Core adopts macromolecule polyester tempered brown filament whole solid core rod core structure.

As a result of polyester tempered brown filament as the whole solid core without twist structure, good adhesion, bending resistance, high strength, do not run long, not only greatly improve the life of rubber transmission belt, and the use of life balance with the body, enterprises can do maintenance-free, regular replacement.


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