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Speed regulating belt wholesale teaches you how to avoid the use of peeling phenomenon in annular conveyor belt
Edit:Dongguan Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-09-30

Speed BeltWholesale teach you how to avoid the use of circular conveyor belt peeling phenomenon: first of all to ensure that their own transport device is no problem, conveyor belt is only a hub, its operation or rely on the conveyor, the device is good or bad to determine whether the conveyor belt can be normal operation of the first factor.


Secondly, whether the belt is matched with the conveyor and whether it is suitable for transporting the goods are the factors that determine the normal operation of the conveyor belt. Whether the belt is intact, whether the problem has been handled, and whether the goods are properly placed on the conveyor belt will directly affect the operation of the conveyor belt.


Again, the operator should have the operation of conveying equipment and maintenance of conveyor belt expertise, find problems, timely repair and timely disposal, the harm is nipped in the cradle.


      Teflon conveyor beltDuring the use of the skin is mainly due to the coating and core between the adhesion and strength of low, resulting in a low viscosity and strength of the main reasons for the following:


1-Core Paste plasticizing after the redirection roller adhered to the dirty things. Core paste plastic can not be a good combination with batter.


The adhesion and strength between the cores are decreased by the plasticizer precipitation in the 2-core paste.


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