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Maintenance of rubber Conveyor belt
Edit:Dongguan Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-10-20

Rubber conveyor BeltIt is affected by ambient temperature, transmission system, splash foreign body, lubricating oil, synchronous belt bending, installation tension and other factors affecting its service life. For modern engines, the deployment of compact engine silos, high compression ratio, some of the model configuration of turbo-charged, and so on, these will increase the temperature in the engine compartment to make the transmission belt work environment is very poor. The experiment shows that the service life of transmission belt drops sharply with the increase of ambient temperature. In the heat of the summer, when you ignore the water table pointer, not only is the damage to your engine also accelerates the consumption of your drive belt's service life.

Transmission BeltThe transmission system requirements are very high, the same transmission plane parts of the same plane and coaxial degree directly affect the life of the transmission belt. In the entire transmission plane only the transmission belt belongs to the rubber parts, any part of the exception caused by the belt and the interference of the component will seriously damage the transmission belt. After a long operation of the transmission end, due to wear and other reasons are likely to destroy the original from the end of the surface parts of the same plane or coaxial degree. Because of the complexity of the vehicle's driving conditions, it is very possible to make the synchronous belt or the synchronous belt wheel splash into the foreign body under the bad driving environment, the foreign body in the state of high-speed operation, like a knife in the cutting belt will quickly lead to the damage of the transmission belt. In the harsh environment after driving, timely check the transmission system is a foreign matter splashed!
Similarly, lubricating grease can accelerate the aging process of rubber. Therefore, in the demolition, installation transmission belt, if you have grease on your hands, please wipe clean and then operate! Remember, never put a transmission belt in the grease. If your transmission belt accidentally stained with grease, please use carefully, good to be able to immediately replace. The cord is also an important part of the belt, which can cause the attenuation of the belt pull under the small bending radius. Especially when the belt: because its cord is made of glass fiber, glass fiber, more fragile, this cord even in a very small bending radius will cause a severe attenuation of belt tension. Therefore, it is forbidden to bend the belt excessively. If the belt is under a very small bend radius, it should be wrapped in a round bar to avoid bending sharp corners of the belt. For accessory belts, they use the friction between the sides of the belt and the pulley to realize the transmission. Therefore, the size of the installation tension will directly affect the use of the transmission belt: if the tension is too small will cause the slip of the belt, slipping not only increase the wear on both sides of the belt and the accumulation of heat generated by skidding will accelerate the aging process of the belt.


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