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Smaut Industrial Belt manufacturers finishing some of the imported industrial belt storage methods
Edit:Dongguan Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-11-07

In the enterprise production has 80% is needs to use the industrial belt, therefore the industrial belt storage method to the Enterprise Manager needs to understand, today Division MauteIndustrial belt ManufacturersRightImported Industrial BeltsDescribes several storage methods.

1. Belts and pulleys shall be kept clean and shall not be stained with oil or water.

2. The belt installs, should check the transmission system, the drive shaft and the transmission wheel whether perpendicular, the drive shaft is parallel, whether the transmission wheel is in a plane, if is not, should revise.

3. Do not adhere to grease or other chemicals on the belt.

4. The Industrial belt installs the tool or the external force does not apply directly to the belt.

5. The use temperature range of belt is: -40°-120°c.

6. During the storage period, the belt should be avoided too heavy weight and deformation, prevent mechanical damage, not too bent and squeezed.

7. Industrial belts during storage and transportation, should avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow leaching, keep clean, to prevent and acid-base oils and organic solvents, such as the impact of rubber quality material contact.

8. Storage temperature should be maintained in the warehouse-15~40摄氏度 relative humidity should be maintained between 50%~80%.

Because each brandIndustrial beltsThe performance and materials are different, so in the storage mode, each industrial belt or a number of differences, but same, hope that the user has some help.


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