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How to prolong the service life of industrial transmission belt/polyester/Teflon conveyor belt
Edit:Dongguan Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-11-25

How to prolong the service life of industrial transmission belt/polyester/Teflon conveyor belt, Dongguan division Maute imported industrial belt factory made the following 9 points:

1. Add scraping device at the rotary drum. In the conveyor belt along the rotary drum to add a scraping device to eliminate the transfer of the drum at the material bonding problem, to solve the roller sticky material caused by the local damage conveyor belt.
Drop Hopper at the guide of the skirt plate, so that the gap with the conveyor belt in the direction of running more and more, to solve the coal, stone card in the conveyor belt and skirt plate between the problem, to eliminate the resulting conveyor belt damage. Drop larger hopper, the internal installation of buffer baffle, to avoid material directly impact conveyor belt.
2. Conveyor head, tail and intermediate transfer of the Transition Office improvement. The transition length and transition mode of conveying head, tail and intermediate reprint have great influence on the service life of conveyor belt. Must carry out the reasonable transition design, should try to reduce the conveyor belt rubber surface wear, ensures that does not appear the conveyor belt folding, the middle bulge phenomenon, the blanking place does not appear the material to spill.
3. Material flow direction adjustment. The flow direction of the conveyor belt has an important impact on the service life, should make the material flow and conveyor belt in the same direction, can greatly improve the service life of equipment.
4. The belt pulley of the conveyor in the concave transition place. Practice has confirmed that the steel wire conveyor belt transverse strength is insufficient, starts, the pressure belt wheel causes the conveyor belt to be subjected to the local force to be too big, causes the tear conveyor belt, will change the pressure belt wheel all to press belt drum, may solve this problem thoroughly.
5. Improve the conveyor belt drop hopper. It is one of the effective measures to prevent the early damage of conveyor belt by improving the conveyor belt drop hopper. To improve the hopper at the transfer of each belt conveyor, so that its ability to pass foreign bodies increased by 2.5 times times, long, large foreign bodies in the transport process is not easy to be stuck between the funnel wall and conveyor belt, reducing the probability of the foreign body tearing conveyor belt.
6. Conveyor belt Local damage repair technology to prolong the service life.
(1) Local heat vulcanization; that's what everybody says. Conveyor belt heat transfer needs to be equipped with vulcanizing machine.
(2) Local cold pouring, the product has the German US technology liquid macromolecule compound repair material, but needs to cure at ambient temperature 10h;
(3) Local cold sticky, the use of German US company repair (longitudinal rip), cold glue a T2 composite rubber longitudinal fill crack plugging (need special glue gun). The advantages of these two methods are fewer human and material resources, with good wear resistance and reinforcement performance, recovery time is short, the disadvantage is high environmental requirements, can not be restored to the original conveyor belt surface formation requirements;
(4) Conveyor belt spraying repair technology. The technology is to mix several kinds of liquid materials through special equipment, high-pressure spray to belt wear surface, spraying a certain thickness of wear-resistant layer according to need. Curing time is short, suitable for even the local wear, the effect is very good, the disadvantage is the need for special equipment.
7. Large machine boom conveyor belt with heavy load. The initial service life of the boom conveyor belt of the stacker of the coal mine system is very short, and the heavy weight design is the important reason for the belt tension being too large and premature cracking aging. On the basis of satisfying the tension of conveying belt material, the service life of transporting coal from 1.5 million T is extended to 4.5 million t after reducing the counterweight. 200,000 T Mine system stacker/Reclaimer Boom Conveyor belt original design counterweight to 25t (including counterweight drum weight), the original German imports of tear-resistant steel wire belt operation less than 3 million t on the serious tensile scrap, after two reduction of load reduction 6t counterweight, the use of domestic ordinary steel wire belt, the operation volume of more than 8 million T.
8. Reasonable choice of belt type and maintenance. Reasonable choice of the type, according to the seasonal changes in a timely manner to adjust the correction device, plus sunscreen cover and winter maintenance measures can also extend the conveyor belt life.


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