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Introduction of raw material for rubber conveyor belt
Edit:Dongguan Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-10-20

Conveyor belts are suitable for medium-span conveyor lines, conveying powdery, granular and blocky non-corrosive materials.High heat conveyor BeltWith thin, strong, impact-resistant, good groove, adhesion between the layers, excellent flexibility and long service life characteristics, widely used in mining, coal, chemical, metallurgy, construction, port and other departments.
  Conveyor BeltCommonly used phenolic resin, alkyl resorcinol formaldehyde resin and alkyl resorcinol epoxy resin, the use of Hardener has six methylene, anhydrous formaldehyde benzene gum, such as nitrogen-containing ring compounds,
Conveyor belt is widely used in agriculture, industrial and mining enterprises and transportation to transport all kinds of solid and powder materials or pieces of goods, can be continuous, high rate, large dip in the transport, the operation of the whole, simple to use, easy maintenance, low freight, and can shorten the transportation distance, reduce the project cost, save manpower and material to the manufacturers brought great convenience.

In recent years, China's heat-resistant conveyor belt exports more and more large, foreign businessmen generally will not accept the Chinese standard products, demand the use of Germany or the United States and other standards. Therefore conveyor belt enterprises must collect and digest relevant international standards, and according to foreign technical standards for manufacturing, testing, packaging and after-sales service.
This requires nylon conveyor belt manufacturers to use international advanced standards to produce high-quality conveyor belt. To continuously increase product specifications of varieties and improve product quality, strengthen the development of conveyor belts.
The results of extraction test show that the phenolic resin containing epoxy group reactive functional groups can provide favorable conditions for forming resin reticular structure in rubber, and the preparation of high hardness adhesive is good by using alkyl resorcinol epoxy resin and six methylene amine.


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