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Toothed belt plane belt imported synchronous belt imported toothed belt
Edit:Dongguan Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-11-17

Imported toothed belt is also called synchronous belt, divided into one-sided toothed belt and two-sided toothed belt two types.

The former is mainly used for single axle drive, the latter is multi-axis or reverse drive, which is a new high efficient transmission belt in the world since 1980.

The toothed belt is divided into trapezoidal and circular arcs according to the shape of the tooth, and the torque of the synchronous belt with circular arc tooth is the biggest.

From the materials used, the toothed belt can be divided into two types of rubber and polyurethane type, while the former has ordinary rubber (usually neoprene) and special rubber (mostly saturated NBR) points.

Their structure is made of steel cord or glass fiber of the strong layer and rubber and nylon formed by the rubber layer or polyurethane rubber layer composition.

Ways to Prolong Belt life:

  1. Material flow direction adjustment.

  2. Choose Belt type and maintenance.

  3. A scraping device is added to the rotary drum.

  4. The claw pulley of the conveyor at any concave transition.

  5. Industrial conveyor belt Local damage repair technology to prolong the service life.

Imported toothed belt, for the new and Old Mo Mixed, is mainly double root or more than three triangular belts need to be replaced, to select the specified model of the triangle belt, and the need for each set of triangular belt tightness consistent, no new or old mix or reduce the use of the root, for the new and old triangular belt stress uneven, and even the old triangle belt does not work, Influence power transfer and shorten the life span of the triangle belt


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