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Type of transmission belt
Edit:Dongguan Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-10-28

       Transmission BeltIs the original motive of the motor or engine rotation generated power, through the belt wheel from the tape to the mechanical equipment, it is also calledPower Belt

It is the core of mechanical and electrical equipment connected components, a variety of unusual, very wide use. From large to Chichi watts of giant motors, small to less than a kilowatt of micro-motor, even including home appliances, computers, robots and other precision machinery can not be separated fromTransmission Belt

Its biggest characteristic is the free speed change, the near and far drive, the structure is simple, the replacement is convenient. Therefore, from the original machinery to modern automatic equipment have the figure of the transmission belt, the product has undergone many changes, the technology is maturing.

Transmission belt can be divided intoTriangle Belt, synchronous belt(toothed belt, time Regulation band),Flat Belt(film base belt, Dragon Belt), agricultural machine belt, high speed oil-proof belt,Round Belt(round belt), flat belt, water tower belt (wide-angle belt), variable speed belt, motorcycle speed belt, V-belt (V-belt), parallel belt, multi-channel belt, hexagonal belt, belt, Traction belt, car belt.

     Conveyor BeltWidely used in cement, coking, metallurgy, chemical, steel and other industries in the transport distance is relatively short, conveying a small number of occasions.

Conveyor belt using multilayer adhesive cotton canvas for the skeleton, the surface covered with good rubber materials, made by vulcanization. All conveyor belts must be ring-shaped to be used, so the quality of the conveyor belt directly affects the service life of the conveyor belt and the smooth operation of the conveyor line.

General conveyor belt joints commonly used methods are mechanical joints, cold bonding joints, heat vulcanization joints.

Conveyor with ordinary cotton canvas conveyor belt, nylon (NN) conveyor belt, polyester (EP) conveyor belt, large dip (wave-shaped edge) conveyor belt, skirt edge clapboard conveyor belt, ring conveyor belt,Pattern Conveyor BeltWater Stop Belt, PVC or PVG full core flame-retardant belt and a variety of special performance conveyor belt (general flame-retardant conveyor belt, heat-resistant conveyor belt, burning conveyor belt, high wear-resistant conveyor belt, acid-resistant conveyor belt, alkali-resistant conveyor belt,Cold conveyor Belt, oil-resistant conveyor belt, high-temperature conveyor belt, high strength conveyor belt and food conveyor belt.

According to the belt cloth layer tensile strength divides intoOrdinary conveyor belt, strong conveyor belt。 Strong-type Canvas conveyor belt is divided into nylon conveyor belt (NN conveyor belt) and polyester conveyor belt (EP conveyor belt).


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