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Analysis of several common non-standard special processing belt damage
Edit:Dongguan Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-09-30

Non-standard special processing beltsIt is inevitable that there will be damage in the use of industrial production. Although it is unavoidable, but the relevant staff often in the case of problems can not be timely summary or improvement, so often there will be some conveyor belt damage resulting in production disruption. Here we discuss some common forms and causes of conveyor belt damage, so as to better prevent the problems in industrial production. Below is a brief description of the common types of damage caused by conveyor belts:

OneEP Conveyor BeltCauses of longitudinal tearing:

(a), vibration shock caused by loosening and peeling fasteners, resulting in the fall of coal pipe liner, guide plate and so on.

(b), the material mixed with foreign bodies, foreign body hard, angular, falling coal pipe congestion die.

(iii), roller defect, roller frame caused scratches.

(four), conveyor belt serious deviation after the rack hanging.

(v), the cleaning device involved in the drum (return sweeper), bolts loose, there is the precursor of bounce.

Second, conveyor belt cracking reasons:

(a), due to the size of space constraints, conveyor belt bending more times.

(b), the joint vulcanization for various reasons for more than two times of vulcanization.

Third, the conveyor belt vulcanization joint tearing Reason:

(a) the diameter of the rotary drum is small, the belt bearing the bending stress.

(b), conveyor belt vulcanization joint quality is poor, especially vulcanization more than two times, the joint strength is significantly reduced, or in the adhesive when the canvas layer is cut, or grinding leakage, where strength is reduced.

(iii), for reversible conveyor, as the upper and lower lap can only be a direction, easy to be on the belt sweeper, unloading equipment, such as the sharp corners of the scratches.

(four), the conveyor work cycle is short, starting frequently, instantaneous tensioning force is big.

FourPolyester conveyor BeltThe damage reason of covering rubber surface:

(a), guide Groove liner and tape gap between the appropriate, resulting in abnormal wear, or gaps in the insertion of foreign bodies, resulting in abnormal wear or scratches.

(b), the material flow rate and conveyor belt speed is inconsistent, drop large, accelerate the wear of plastic surface.

(iii), roller damage, resulting in abnormal wear or tear tape.

(iv), illegal operation, repair welding slag burns, and cleaning machine scratches.

(five), the tape skid, also can cause the tape abnormal wear.


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