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Introduction to Industrial belts
Edit:Dongguan Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-10-28

Industrial beltsClassification

(1) Classification according to the structure of the belt body:

A, Cloth type: The outer layer has cloth belt.

B, trimming type: side for the cutting surface (that is, no package cloth) of the belt.

(2) According to the core structure classification:

A, cord core: to the cord as a strong layer of the belt.

B, rope Core: The rope for the strong layer of the belt.

(3) PressTransmission BeltUse classification:

A, industrial belt: used for mining machinery transmission belt.

B, Automotive belt: dedicated to automobiles, tractors and other internal combustion engine transmission belt.

C, Agricultural machinery belt: dedicated to the Harvester and other agricultural machinery of the work of the belt.

D, variable speed belt: With the variable diameter belt pulley with the use of a certain range of continuous changes in the transmission ratio of the belt, its relative height is generally below 0.5.

E, light load with belt: for small power transmission belt.

F, electrostatic conduction belt: the belt with electrostatic conductivity.

(4) Classification by species:

1,Triangle Belt

2, hexagonal belt

3, five corners with seven corner belt

4, Teflon Belt

5, the Joint group belt

6. Multi-Wedge Belt

7, cast-toothed stepless speed belt

8. Wide Angle Belt

9. Synchronous toothed Belt (time regulation with timeing BELT)

10. Round Belt

11,Conveyor Belt

12, Base Tape

13. Activating Belt

14. Elastic Belt


Industrial belts, automotive belts and conveyor beltsThese three kinds of industrial belts are used in different places because of their different characteristics.

(1) Industrial transmission belt: The transmission belt is mainly used for electromechanical equipment, which is driven by the power of the motor. Common such as home appliances, computers, robots and other precision machinery industry will be applied to the transmission Belt series.

(2) Automotive transmission belt: A link device used to drive a machine running on top of a car engine. Mainly agricultural machineBelt, high speed oil-proof belt,Round Belt(round belt), flat belt, water tower belt (Wide Angle Belt), variable speed belt, motorcycle speed belt, V-belt (V-belt), parallel belt, multi-groove belt, hexagonal belt, belt, Traction belt, car belt.

(3) Conveyor belt: In all industrial belts, conveyor belt is the most widely used and one of the most familiar, such as factory production line equipment is the most familiar and understand. Conveyor belt as the representative of Industrial belt, its selection and market are the richest, flexibility is one of his main characteristics. According to the main material can be divided into cotton canvas conveyor belt, nylon (NN) conveyor belt, polyester (EP)Conveyor Belt, PVC or PVG.


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