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Samsung Belt v wide-angle belt synchronous pulley
Edit:Dongguan Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-11-17

The synchronized pulley, which has a long history, has only recently been replaced by rubber flat belts and various new tapes.

The development of things needs to be realized and practiced repeatedly. can gradually develop mature.

The development history of synchronous belt, toothed wedge belt and double wedge belt is not long. Improve and perfect There is a vast world.

What is the application feature of the triangle belt?

In fact, the role of the triangle in life is very large, but also more important.

Triangle with special core structure and rope core structure of two, respectively, by cloth, top plastic, tensile body and the bottom of the four components.


1, installation accuracy requirements are not high, easy to maintain, simple structure.

2, the belt will slip on the pulley, can prevent the damage of weak parts.

In the continuous development of modern society, for all aspects of the requirements are also more convenient for the current social development of some industries, with the progress of science and technology has a better application.

To avoid the roller is covered by material, causing the rotation is not the spirit, to prevent leakage of material stuck between the rollers and tape, pay attention to the belt and other conveyor belt active parts of lubrication, but not oily conveyor belt, the conveyor belt occurred deviation, should take timely measures to rectify, the use of artificial cotton in time to repair, to avoid the expansion of the conveyor belt suffered from the rack , pillar or block material block to prevent breaking RIP.

If the triangle belt is not suitable for accurate transmission, then there must be some shortcomings, however, even if it has shortcomings, its transmission power is not to be ignored.

Because of the maturity of today's skills, so that the triangle belt into a common transmission accessories, and make it appropriate to brief, maintenance convenience.

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