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Samsung belt processing plant describes the maintenance of high temperature belts
Edit:Dongguan Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-09-30

Samsung Belt processing FactoryThe maintenance method of high temperature beltHigh temperature BeltIn use and preservation should be kept clean to avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow leaching, to prevent and acid, alkali, oil, organic solvents and other substances contact, and distance from the heating device a meter away.

Store temperature should be maintained between 18-40 ℃, relative humidity should be kept between 50-80 ℃. During the save period. The conveyor belt shall be placed in a volume and shall not be folded. Different types and specifications of the conveyor belt is not suitable for the use of the joint, the best use of adhesive bonding method. The type, structure, specification and layer number of conveyor belt should be selected according to the use conditions.Speed BeltOperating speed is generally not more than 2 5 m/S.

Large size, wear material and the use of fixed unloading device should be used as low as possible.

The transmission drum diameter and conveyor belt cloth layer relationship, transmission drum, the matching of the rotary drum and the requirements of the roller slot angle should be based on the design requirements of the conveyor, reasonable selection. Feed direction should be high temperature conveyor belt operation direction, in order to reduce the material falling on the conveyor belt impact should be adopted chute, reduce the material falling distance, conveyor belt material section should shorten the Idler spacing and the use of buffer idler for leakage.

With the use of soft and appropriate retaining plate to avoid the material plate, scraping the belt with high-temperature conveyor belt surface


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