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Teflon conveyor belt manufacturer analysis of the cause of the chain of the conveyor mesh
Edit:Dongguan Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-09-30

Teflon conveyor belt ManufacturersAnalysis of the causes of the chain of transmission network

1,Conveyor Network chainCutting burr removal of slab casting billet

It is generally believed that the main reason of the conveying chain is to remove the burr of the billet without timely and effective removal. The caster is equipped with spindle deburring machine steel plate after casting billet Two, relying on photoelectric tube to detect the position of the billet, automatic control of the fluctuation of the Burr machine and removing the burr from the tail of the slab under the head by the hammer-knife rotation. Burr clearance is not clean, will be in the subsequent rolling process, to the steel plate to bring harm, resulting in scarring.

2. The phenomenon of the accumulation of tumor in the upper table of billet

In the process of cutting steel plate, casting billet on the end of the head of the surface of the back slag, the phenomenon of the steel plate, serious will form a dense slag steel strip firmly attached to the top of the table cut seam. Slag steel is due to the casting billet in the cutting process, the cutting seam of the flow of metal can not be blown away in time, but along the cutting seam upward overflow, accumulated in the casting slab on the end of the formation.

The reasons for the increase of slag on the slab are as follows: The oxygen purity is low, the use pressure is unsuitable or the fluctuation is big, the cutting mouth life is late, the diameter is enlarged, the cutting speed is not suitable, and the cutting effect is deteriorated.

3, conveyor network chain head, warping phenomenon

Steel plate in the finishing mill rolling process will appear plate head, plate tail impact side of the phenomenon of the board, Mars, some of the splash scattered to the steel plate. It is mainly the hunting bending of the finishing plate, the deviation from the center line of the steel plate and the finishing roll, the poor control of the roller, rolling and roll, and the side plate of the tail side of the steel head impacting the finishing mill, and the impact Splash is formed scar on the surface of the steel plate.


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