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The difference and advantages and disadvantages of engine transmission belt, motorcycle shaft drive and chain drive and belt drive
Edit:Dongguan Maute Import Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-12-28

We all know that the transmission mode of motorcycles do not run out of shaft drive, chain drive and belt transmission of these three kinds, why different motorcycles will be different transmission mode? Small knitting today and you talk about the difference and advantages and disadvantages of motorcycle shaft drive and chain drive and belt drive.
First said the author's favorite shaft drive, because the axis of rotation perpendicular to the direction of the car, rotation will appear transverse torque, so that the car to the axis of the opposite direction tilt, the higher the speed, the greater the force. So shaft drive is not suitable for high speed engine, high speed car basically did not adopt axle drive.
The direction of the chain and the direction of the car, the torque generated is only to lift the front, the impact on high-speed driving is not big.

Shaft drive is characterized by durability, high manufacturing cost, high material requirements, and difficult processing.
Chain drive is characterized by low cost, simple maintenance and not durable.

Many people think that the shaft drive of motorcycles was developed by the BMW Company in 1923.
In fact, in 1901, the Belgian FN launched the first 133cc Single-cylinder motorcycle, the following year FN launched the first axis-driven FN300 motorcycle.
Since 1901, Shaft drive has become one of the most popular transmission modes by virtue of its smooth power transmission and longer maintenance cycle and life.

Shaft DRIVE The biggest advantage is not to be stretched and need to adjust the track, oil-free pollution can basically maintenance-free, and the power loss of small driving efficiency. But there is no chain of shock-absorbing effect is good, the vibration of the body will be passed directly to the knight.

Increase the throttle when the rear will produce torque phenomenon (torque of the reaction----rapid acceleration or deceleration when the body will rotate to the shaft drive in the opposite direction of the dumping), this is why the Moto GP has no one to use axle drive motorcycle's reason, moreover the shaft transmission compared to the chain drive way the whole transmission system's total quality to be much heavier.

But today has developed a new type of shaft drive to reduce the tilt of the damping system, because the shaft drive both ends are equipped with umbrella-type gears, rotating will not produce torque reaction phenomenon.

Yamaha xv400 Shaft Drive Both ends are equipped with umbrella-type gears, so the rotation will not produce torque reaction phenomenon.

The biggest advantage of chain drive is the wide applicability of cheap, and in the engine braking, because there are many gaps between the chain, it can absorb part of the vibration. The disadvantage is that the chain and gear friction easy to make the chain slack, gear wear, resulting in higher noise.

The structural characteristics of the belt:

Its face for its two oblique side, there are a lot of belts in the inner layer to make the tooth shape, because of the belt in the belt at the angle of the position of the force when the design.

Belt movement when the outer layers are stretched, the inner layer is mainly under the role of extrusion force, it will be made of the belt inside the tooth-shaped, more suitable for the belt in these working positions when the force, thus prolonging the life of the belt.

Advantages and disadvantages of belt drive:

① mitigate shock, absorb vibration, less noise, low cost, easy maintenance;
② change transmission ratio.

① Belt drive is easy to skid, the transmission ratio is inaccurate
② heat resistance, poor overload resistance, easy aging
③ transmission damping is large, especially in cold car ④ make bearing lateral force too large.

To put it simply, the belt drive has the advantages of a wide range of changes in the center, simple structure, smooth transmission, there is a buffer load and security protection, the disadvantages are large diameter, low efficiency, inaccurate transmission ratio, short service life.

In addition, the belt drive, the transmission ratio is inaccurate but can overload protection. Gear drive with accurate transmission ratio but no overload protection. The gears can be reversed and the belts are not available. Belt drive mechanism maintenance is simple.

These three kinds of transmission methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, so according to the model and the use of different cars will be in the design of different transmission mode


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